Registration Desk: Wednesday, 9.30-10.30, 2nd Floor, Math. Dept. Ulisse Dini


Invited Speakers

Collin Bleak (St Andrews)

Jon Gonzalez (Bilbao)

Martin Kassabov (Cornell)

Radha Kessar (London)

Markus Linckelmann (London)

Andrea Lucchini (Padova)

Emanuele Pacifici (Milano)


Titles and Abstracts

The aim of the conference is to bring together experts in different aspects of group theory.  The main themes of the meeting include representation theory of finite groups, permutation groups and infinite group theory (poster).

Participants are welcome to contribute with short presentations of their research.

Financial Support: The conference is supported by the Gruppo Nazionale per le strutture algebriche, geometriche e le loro applicazioni(GNSAGA).

Organisers:  Carlo Casolo, Silvio Dolfi, Francesco Fumagalli, Eugenio Giannelli, Orazio Puglisi and Lucia Sanus.


Here is a Link to the 2016 edition : Group Theory in Florence I


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