Andreas Bächle (Brussel) “What’s new on cut  groups?” (Abstract)

Eloisa Detomi (Padova) “On conciseness of Engel-like words in residually finite groups” (Abstract)

Kivanc Ersoy (Berlin) “Fixed points of p-groups of automorphisms in locally finite groups” (Abstract)

Maria Ferrara (Napoli) “Subnormal-like subgroups in infinite groups” (Abstract)

Valentina Grazian (Aberdeen) “The classification of simple fusion systems” (Abstract)

Andrzej Kisielewicz (Wroclaw) “Königs problem for abelian permutation groups” (Abstract)

Stacey Law (Cambridge) “On permutation characters and Sylow p-subgroups for S_n” (Abstract)

Bianca Lodà (Pontypridd) “Height and relational complexitity for finite permutation groups” (Abstract)

Leo  Margolis (Brussels)  “A counterexample to the first Zassenhaus conjecture” (Abstract)

Carmen Melchor (Castellón) “Powers of conjugacy classes which are either a class or a union of two classes” (Abstract)

Diego Millan Berdasco (London) “Generalising a result by G.D. James on the decomposition matrix of the Symmetric group” (Abstract)

Marta Morigi (Bologna) “BFC-theorems for higher commutator subgroups” (Abstract)

Marialaura Noce (Bilbao/Salerno) “Engel elements in some fractal groups” (Abstract)

Víctor Manuel Ortiz-Sotomayor (Valencia)” Products of groups and zeros of irreducible characters” (Abstract)

Péter P. Pálfy (Budapest) “Faithful irreducible representations and the subgroup lattice” (Abstract)

Alessandro Paolini (Kaiserslautern) “On the generic character tables of Sylow p-subgroups of finite groups of Lie type G(P^f)” (Abstract)

Noelia Rizo Carrión (Valencia) “p-blocks relative to a character of a normal subgroup” (Abstract)

Lleonard Rubio y Degrassi (Oberwolfach)” On the Lie algebra structure of the first Hochschild cohomology of blocks of finite groups” (Abstract)

Azahara Sáez (Valencia) “Prime divisors of orders of products in finite groups” (Abstract)

Benjamin Sambale (Kaiserslautern) “Regular orbits of coprime linear groups in large characteristic” (Abstract)

Stefano Sannella (Birmingham) “Broué’s conjecture for some groups of Lie type and some sporadics” (Abstract)

Anupam Kumar Singh (Pune) “Computing n-th root in SL(2,k)” (Abstract)

Joan Tent (Valencia) “Groups with character values in Q_p” (Abstract)

Imke Toborg (Halle) “Towards the Z_3^*-Theorem” (Abstract)

Ipek Tuvay (Istanbul) “Brauer indecomposability of Scott modules for the quadratic group Qd(p)” (Abstract)

Carolina Vallejo (Madrid) “Even degree characters in principal blocks” (Abstract)

Matteo Vannacci (Düsseldorf) “On finite self-similar p-groups” (Abstract)

Michele Zordan (Leuven) “Representation growth of special linear groups and semi-simple p-adic analytic group” (Abstract)



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